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Quick Overview

- A ll new P.S.P.C knobs
- Double sided body for enhanced durability
- Continuous warm water without electricity or battery

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Size: No seat. Nozzle plate fits both Elongated and Round toilets
Color: White

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Bio Bidet BB-200 Review

Have you always wanted to have the experience of total personal hygiene cleanliness, but haven't really wanted to go with one of those high-end, high priced models? Then the Bio 200 Envie is just the bidet for you. It's a quality bidet that requires no electricity or batteries, and still provides quality warm water washes.

The Bio 200 has a self-cleaning, dual nozzle system, which provides a continuous stream of warm water, that connects directly to the fresh water line. It has a built-in cold water by-pass and adjustable pressure and temperature control, giving you a soft-mist feminine wash and an efficient water stream for posterior hygiene.

The quality stainless steel parts provide lasting durability, as does the new ABS unified valve system, which also provides better regulated water streams. The dual nozzle can be removed by simply sliding it out of the brackets, providing better personal hygiene. The nozzle is also fitted with a splash guard, adding extra protection.

Consumers reviewing the bio 200 Envie are very impressed with the unlimited, continuous warm water supply feature and the self-cleaning nozzle on a bidet that is so affordable. The positive stepping pressure control puts the user in control of their bidet experience. And, to assure the unit will give you an extended period of use, a double-sided body panel has been added to protect the tubing from wear and tear and aid in easy cleaning.

The nozzle plate will fit both round and elongated toilets and comes in white, with stainless steel parts. It also comes to you with a limited one year warranty. All this for under $100. You can't go wrong. Order your Bio Bidet 200 Envie today.

  • Continuous Warm Water Stream
  • No electricity or battery required
  • Connects directly to fresh water line
  • Dual nozzle
  • Self-Cleaning Nozzle
  • Built-in Cold water by-pass
  • Adjustable Pressure and temperature control
  • Simple yet practical
  • Quality stainless parts
  • Unified ABS valve for better regulated water stream - new ABS unified valve system instead of valve with tubing for better durability
  • Removable nozzle for better hygiene - nozzle can be easily replaced by user just by sliding it out of brackets for better personal hygiene.
  • Splash Guarded Nozzle - new splash guard is added to nozzle
  • P.S.P.C (Positive Stepping Pressure Control - new pressure control with variable stepping knob. Stepping control knob allows easier pressure control.
  • Double sided body panel - Bottom body panel is added to better protect tubing from ware and tare and easy cleaning

Pros : Unlimited continuous warm water supply. Removable nozzle with splash guard. Cold water by-pass. Self-clean nozzle.
Cons : Hot water connection can be more difficult than cold water.


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Bio Bidet BB-200 Measurement


Bio Bidet BB-200 fits to type A and B.
For type C, contact manufacturer or dealer with model and made of your toilet to confirm compatibilities.

Bio Bidet BBC-200 Envie Video : Cleansing Features and How to Use Bidet

Bio Bidet BB-200 Envie: optimumcleansingtechnology at your fingertips. In this video, we’re going to look at features of the Bio Bidet BB-200Envie, a non-electric bidet withcontinuous, warm water wash. Water is, by far, the most effective and refreshing way to clean every part of your body and the Bio Bidet BB-200 does this exceptionally well by providing a clean, gentle, continuous water stream especially well-suited to delicate feminine and posterior hygiene. The BB-200 is non-electric anddoes not require electricity or battery power. It operates solely by water pressure provided by your household’s freshwater line. Reinforced ABS resin material is used to guarantee sturdiness. And its well-designed double-sided body structure protects your home’s water pipelines. The BB-200 provides a continuous natural water stream, a gentle posterior and feminine wash, and a remarkable self cleaning and removable nozzle with also comes with an ingenious splash guard. The nozzle is normally hidden behind the splash guard and extends only when activated. The easy-access control panel comes equipped with our exclusive Positive Stepping Pressure Control knobs, each of which provides outstanding user-friendliness; the user can actually feel and hear the settings as they change! The three knobs control water temperature, water pressure, and nozzle selection. The BB-200also comes with a self cleaning nozzle system designed to provide optimum warm water supply. To clean the nozzle, simply turn the nozzle selection knob to the right before each use. In just a few seconds, the water temperature will rise and you’llbe ready foryour invigorating warm water wash. The BB-200 also comes with a convenient removable nozzle which can be replaced without the use of any tools whatsoever. Just slide the nozzle out and snap in a new one; it’s that simple! This quick and easy replacement process comes in very handy when you have guests who might be sharing the toilet. And it makes replacing the nozzle on a regular basis incredibly easy and practical. The BB-200 comes with a quality stainless fill-valve hose, a 3/8” T valve for hot water supply and a 7/8” or a 3/8” T valve for cold water connection. The BB-200Envie by Bio Bidet:the easy, practical and affordable way to ensure exceptional personal hygiene.

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